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Key Partners is the output of people with complementary backgrounds sharing common values to provide reliable customer services.
      Reliable quality

- Our size and customised organisation will enable us to focus on servicing clients, while avoiding bureaucracy and

   heavy procedures.

- Our experience has enabled us to optimise our compulsory procedures to fulfil our legal duties, with the utmost

   client services possible and in a very upright manner in parallel.



- By listening & analysis skills as well as mutual trust and openness, we give priority to dialogue and to honestly

   sharing any concern, stake and solutions with our clients for our mutual benefit.

- We do not want to be a basic service provider but a real strategic and transparent working partner that will bring

   all its expertise and experience in any client project achievement.


        Client satisfaction

- We closely assist our clients and intermediaries in their transactions and follow at the same time any highly

   flexible requirements of theirs.

- We are highly reactive, available and directly accessible without any level of superfluous hierarchy or staff


All the information contained on this website is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer of contractual service. Key Partners and its employees cannot be held responsible for its contents and its use.

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Key Partners S.à r.l.

Tel.:       +352/28.26.39-00

Fax:       +352/28.26.39-11

Address: 8 rue de la Grève

               L-1643 Luxembourg

Registered with Luxembourg Trade

Register under number B 211 078

Business licence number: 10073596/0

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