Setup services: Company Incorporation & Business Setup


  • Collection and review of regulatory compliance documentation

  • Drafting or assistance with drafting of standard articles of association

  • Coordination of incorporation with notary

  • Coordination of opening of bank account(s)


  • Provision of the Company with a registered office

  • Receipt of any correspondence and handling to legal representative(s)

  • Disposal of phone and fax number(s).



  • Provision of experienced and highly qualified directors’ / managers’ mandates

  • Cautious monitoring of the activities to ensure respect of local laws, by-laws and applicable agreements

Accounting &
Financial Reporting


  • Assistance with preparation of stand-alone or consolidated accounts in Luxembourg GAAP (or any other GAAP, including IFRS, under request):

    • Maintenance of books and records

    • Review of carrying value of investments

    • Checks and records of movements of/in inter-company accounts and loans

    • Adjustment(s) of trial balance with final closing entries

    • Preparation of the eCDF report

  • Provision with annual accounts

  • Assistance with audit process

  • Periodic/interim/specific reportings under Luxembourg

  • Tailor-made reports (cash-flow statements, etc.)

Corporate &

  • Drafting of documentation relating to approval of annual accounts

  • Preparation and/or review of any kind of amendments to articles of association

  • Preparation and/or review of documentation in connection with day-to-day business or related to any extraordinary transaction involving any Company, its shareholders or affiliated companies

  • Filing of annual accounts and various notices with Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register

  • Maintenance and update of Company’s Register(s) of Shareholder(s), Noteholder(s), etc., as applicable

  • Management of Company’s bank account(s) and insurance of follow-up of  day-to-day banking transactions

  • Management of incoming and outgoing day-to-day correspondence

  • Keeping and updating legal and correspondence file(s) according to day-to-day documentation

Tax Compliance


  • Direct tax returns (corporate income tax, municipal business tax and wealth tax)

  • Social security contributions

  • Indirect tax returns (VAT, withholding tax, subscription tax, etc.)

We do service our clients from a global and also personalised point of view. We do not impose a similar solution to all (« one-solution/brand/product fits all ») but we favour customised, transparent and optimal solutions (« à la carte »).

Substance Solutions


  • Payroll services and assistance with recruitment

  • Assistance with opening your dedicated office in Luxembourg and launching your activities

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Client satisfaction and tailor-made approach is part of Key Partners' DNA.

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Regulatory Reporting


  • FATCA, CRS & CbCR reporting

  • Other regulatory reporting (CSSF, BCL, STATEC, etc.)

  • Appropriate KYC documentation maintenance and collection

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