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Our Team

Valérie PECHON, Partner


Valérie holds a Master degree in Business Administration and is a duly registered Chartered Accountant.

She began her career in Luxembourg in 1998 in the audit sector and held after this several managerial positions in the Domiciliation & Trust services providers’ businesses. Valérie gained a solid experience with different markets, from Benelux Private Wealth services to International Corporates in Southern Europe, North- and Latin America. Valérie fluently speaks French and Spanish (mother tongues), as well as English.

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David SANA, Partner


David holds a Master Degree in Private Law, succeeded the Luxembourg Chartered Accountant exam, and began his career in Luxembourg in 2001 as legal Adviser. He held several senior and managerial positions and developed numerous skills in Company’s law, Business law, Due Diligence & Risk Management. He acted for several years as in-house legal director and was leading the legal department of a top tier trust service provider. He was involved in many complex transactions (such M&A, corporate and debt restructuring) whereby he deployed his comprehensive knowledge to support the clients’ needs and development.

David particularly focused on both corporate, private international and/or French-speaking clients.

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Jean-Christophe DAUPHIN, Partner


Jean-Christophe holds a Master Degree in Banking, Finance & Insurance, succeeded the Luxembourg Chartered Accountant exam, and began his career in Luxembourg in 2000 in the trust services and banking business. Through several specialised and/or managerial positions, he has acquired solid skills in accounting, directorship, companies’ administration, compliance and risk management as well as in tax & legal laws. He has gained in 15 years a strong experience in any kind of markets, such as North America, Great Britain & Ireland, French-speaking European markets, Eastern Europe & Russia, Middle-East and Asia, mainly for HNWIs, SMEs, Multinational & Institutional Corporate entities, Real Estate, Private Equity & Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Jean-Christophe is fluent in French (mother tongue), English, German and Luxemburgish.

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Vincent COINTEPAS, Partner


Vincent holds a Master degree in Companies’ Accounting & Management, succeeded the Luxembourg Chartered Accountant exam, and began his career with a first experience in finance, then joined subsequently the trust services’ business in 2009.

Vincent held several positions until to become Team manager within one of the global leaders of the sector, where he developed numerous skills in tax & accounting, corporate services & management, compliance and directorship. Responsible for a team and the supervision of corporate and finance transactions, Vincent gained his experience servicing PE firms, SMEs to listed Multinationals, HNWIs, SOEs and SWFs, on the US and European markets, before focusing on Middle-East and Asia.

Vincent is fluent in French (mother tongue) and English.

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